Dr. Maren Schweizer

“We are here for innovation”

In order to grow to a company age of 170+ years, one has always to be ahead of its time, has to look into the future and beyond, and plan for longer periods as others do. To still remain young, lively, and flexible – even after 170 years – the drive and the dynamics have to be renewed continuously. Exactly this was proven again and again by “the Schweizers” – and meanwhile in its 6th generation.


Our Family Roots

Today’s family names have been used for 600-700 years. Schweizer means “one who comes from Switzerland.” In Zurich, a bearer of the name was mentioned among the citizens as early as 1421. At that time, Hans Schweizer von Unterwalden became a citizen. In 1621 a Michael Schweizer was elevated to the nobility and granted the coat of arms. We find a branch of this family in Swabia, in the Württemberg District of Donauskreis, then Ditzenbach and later Schramberg. (Today Black Forest, Germany)

On the 28th of October 1849, Christoph Schweizer founded our family business in Schramberg.