For 170+ years of SCHWEIZER, we understand Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as our DNA.

In action, CSR is a long term performance strategy and the power of engagement. At our core is the drive to engage all of our people, partners, clients, beneficiaries, and future employees to deliver positive change.

We focus on predetermined issue areas around five pillars: Community, Workplace, Environment, Marketplace, Governance & Communications


relates how our businesses interact with the community and voluntary organizations in local communities.

Building trust and developing strategic partnerships in the communities our businesses operate in is essential to secure long term sustainability.


Our workplace pillar is concerned with how we support, engage, and motivate our employees.

It looks at issues such as work-life balance, employee health, and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, organizational culture as well as volunteering.

Motivated and engaged employees are more productive, and people work for companies they can trust.


relates to SCHWEIZER’s impact on the environment.

Leading businesses know that they have a role to play in managing the world resources efficiently and combating climate change.

Sound environmental strategies are essential to the sustainability of our businesses and can also reduce costs.


The Marketplace pillar relates to how we manage our relationship with our customers, partners, and suppliers.

Buying and selling products or services is intrinsic to business.

We ensure to do so ethically and sustainably. It's key to our reputation and long term visibility.

Governance & Communications

relates to how we support, manage, and communicate responsible and sustainable business practices within our organizations.

A fundamental aspect is the involvement of stakeholders in identifying the most material areas that responsible and sustainable activities should address.