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Our new offices are work to people

In 2020, the world began what is undoubtedly the most massive work-from-home experiment in history. Now, companies are wrestling with whether and how to have workers return to their offices or continue working virtually.

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Meeting in the middle

Covid-19 considerations will dominate travel planning for the foreseeable future. I believe that Singapore can be at the forefront of an end-to-end digital integration for safer and healthier travel, tapping on a well-established ecosystem to benefit our recovery.

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Join international leaders, celebrate diversity, challenge yourself. Dr. Maren Schweizer will share insights as a speaker on "The power of partnerships."

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Inclusion matters more than Ever

The focus on inclusion becomes ever more vital during times of crisis. A straightforward approach is not that easy as it might appear.

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Emerging stronger for the Storm

We cannot rely well on command-and-control to execute a scripted response as we are not facing a routine crisis. It will be very different from nearly all the recessions that have come before it.

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No Room For Complacency

Discipline saves life and is the only constant feature during the learning curve.

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Breaking Through The Next Level

A successful restart requires addressing a large number of interdependent issues simultaneously. Therefore we focus on increasing the speed of decision making.

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Interview: Tackling turbulence

Interview: The Raffles Conversation. Dr Schweizer believes that it is important to have a network of teams to handle a crisis...

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A Hand Up Vs A Handout

Singapore's social support systems are underpinned by individual responsibility and effort, thus enabling self reliance. For instance, the Central Provident Fund (CPF), which is the key anchor of the Singapore social security system, discourages the notion that benefits are a free good.

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