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How should higher-end HDB flats in prime locations be priced? What issues, if any, are there in creating a two-tier (or multi-tier) public housing market?

Maren Schweizer
Schweizer World Pte Ltd

Public housing has to maintain its purpose as a social asset. Therefore I believe we have to avoid multi-tier public housing markets with an adapted model. It is essential to avoid the notion that scoring a prime BTO flat is akin to winning the lottery.

A model that provides additional subsidies, encourages home-buyers to stay longer to create a community, and limits the windfall profits of a resale might be a way forward. Such a model could share profits between the home owner and HDB – with the percentage for HDB gradually reduced the longer the owner stays, but at a minimum of the additional subsidies.

I am convinced that Singapore will once more update its proven integrated scheme to benefit our community and serve as a role model for other countries.