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How might we rein in rising healthcare costs in Singapore?

An important aspect is changing from reactive to proactive. Many healthcare systems are still reactive around the world, often configured to treat people at times of crisis in hospitals, and are poorly designed to prevent hospitalisation or proactively treat people in the proper care setting.

Secondly, out of the hospital, community-based decentralised services play a vital role. Thirdly integrated care networks and medical supply chains are a must.

All of these levers can be enabled by digital health tech mobile-first platforms and technology. Think telemedicine for a first consultation, being linked to the right specialist, transaction automation from appointment, transport, consultation, drug delivery to insurance coverage.

I believe digital adoption is not so much about structural solutions or a single model but a change in thinking and attitude to improve care delivery and efficiency while ensuring affordability for our aging community.

Maren Schweizer
Schweizer World