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What should be the focus of Singapore’s Budget 2021? Is there any issue in particular you wish to see addressed?

Maren Schweizer
Schweizer World Pte Ltd

Budget priorities shall support economic recovery and help to improve the readiness of high-impact industries and sectors. I believe it is essential that the sector focus is based on economy-wide linkages, such as contribution to gross domestic product (GDP), industry and supply-chain inter-linkages, share of employment, and innovation strength. Digital manufacturing is undoubtedly one target sector with high-growth market potential, room to differentiate and strengthen Singapore’s role as an innovation hub, pilot market, and enable reshoring.

The way we handle the recovery will define companies’ brands, establish their reputations for years to come, and determine their future competitiveness. Our talent is the core. Therefore the 2021 Budget has to assist workforce re-design – regarding, in particular, learning and reskilling to close capability gaps to prepare for and shape the new normal.