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What practical measures or changes can be adopted to meet the targets of the Singapore Green Plan 2030?

Maren Schweizer
Schweizer World Pte Ltd

Every one of us can contribute as of today to achieve sustainable living. It’s about the 4Rs of green living. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose. One step to this eco-friendly quartet is to reduce electricity consumption by our behaviour, installing more energy-efficient appliances, and tap data-driven sensor technology. E.g, Smart home AC control adapting cooling to your routine and saving energy and cost is easy to implement.

Our smart city journey has to go beyond technology deployment to a people-centered focus towards a platform ecosystem approach that generates actionable data and allows cost reduction of energy production and distribution.

Furthermore, how we produce energy matters significantly. Higher adoption rates of new energy vehicles will increase the demand for renewable electricity production. One of the world’s largest floating solar farms in Tuas is an excellent example that Singapore has identified ways to overcomes the challenges of limited land and efficiency.