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How is your organisation girding for the recession?
Are there any silver linings or bright spots amid the economic gloom?

Maren Schweizer
Schweizer World Pte Ltd

We cannot rely well on command-and-control to execute a scripted response as we are not facing a routine crisis. It will be very different from nearly all the recessions that have come before it.

To address problem solving and execution under high-stress, chaotic conditions, we believe in a network of teams, a widely known setup. The challenge is more about setting it up and getting used to change on an ongoing basis.

Our network of teams consists of a highly adaptable assembly of groups, which are united by our purpose and include one nerve center covering the domains of workforce protection, supply-chain stabilization, customer engagement, and liquidity management to ensure 24-month runway with significantly lower demand assuming a U-shape recovery as a base case.

Real benefits from the customer’s point of view are increasingly created by the combination of our employees’ specialized expertise in conjunction with artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Therefore we accelerate our developments towards Inregtared Intelligence, the combination of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.