Hello 2021

Stay healthy, stay confident, stay positive. Happy New Year.

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America’s choice: At a crossroads

I think the President will lose. Here is how I could be wrong.

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Riding out the storms

Nevertheless, we are concerned about a rash of crises in South-east Asia, as Thailand's political situation can ignite similar movements across the region and adversely affect…

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The big breakup conversation

We have to consider breaking up Big Tech companies. The silver bullet - smart regulatory regime - will take too long to be established in a coordinated manner worldwide.

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Venture Capital TV

Venture Capital Insights BioTech, MedTech & HealthTech

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A special exception

We have to focus assistance on businesses large and small that were financially sound when the crisis hit, and are likely to survive and contribute to boosting our economy in the…

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Improving worker welfare

Legislative changes raising the minimum wage pose challenges. To remain competitive and thrive in such a new environment, companies must have enough lead time to address the…

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Tightening: An incentive or disincentive?

We are concerned as this comes in parallel to an anti-foreign sentiment. Talents are our business's biggest asset. Therefore we need continued access to a diverse pool of…

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Opening up to fresh viewpoints

I believe it is important to focus on profoundly embedding a framework of critical thinking in all aspects of our community at all ages and stages of living - private and…

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A rift with consequences – and opportunities

Tearing Chinese and American corporate worlds apart would hurt everyone. We have to avoid blocs and find a way to work together.

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