The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has noted a five-fold increase in the number of family offices setup in Singapore between 2017 to 2019. Not surprising, given the…

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Responsible retrenchment

Work time reduction and a four day work week for all employees is our approach to long term or even permanent demand fall that some portfolio companies are facing.

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Our new offices are work to people

In 2020, the world began what is undoubtedly the most massive work-from-home experiment in history. Now, companies are wrestling with whether and how to have workers return to…

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Join international leaders, celebrate diversity, challenge yourself. Dr. Maren Schweizer will share insights as a speaker on "The power of partnerships."

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Inclusion matters more than Ever

The focus on inclusion becomes ever more vital during times of crisis. A straightforward approach is not that easy as it might appear.

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Emerging stronger for the Storm

We cannot rely well on command-and-control to execute a scripted response as we are not facing a routine crisis. It will be very different from nearly all the recessions that have…

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No Room For Complacency

Discipline saves life and is the only constant feature during the learning curve.

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Breaking Through The Next Level

A successful restart requires addressing a large number of interdependent issues simultaneously. Therefore we focus on increasing the speed of decision making.

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Interview: Tackling turbulence

Interview: The Raffles Conversation. Dr Schweizer believes that it is important to have a network of teams to handle a crisis...

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A Hand Up Vs A Handout

Singapore's social support systems are underpinned by individual responsibility and effort, thus enabling self reliance. For instance, the Central Provident Fund (CPF), which is…

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