In 2020, the world began what is undoubtedly the most massive work-from-home experiment in history. Now, companies are wrestling with whether and how to have employees return to their offices or continue working virtually.

Many have enjoyed this virtual experience; others are drained by it. The same employees have experienced different emotions and levels of happiness or unhappiness at different times. Many ways of virtual collaboration are working well; others are not. Some people are getting mentorship and participating in casual, unplanned, and essential conversations with colleagues; others are missing out. The productivity in roles who do many kinds of jobs has increased; for others, it has declined.

For processes and cultural practices, it is all too tempting to revert to what was in place before the pandemic.

We decided on “work to people.” 

Therefore we are launching Schweizer Clubs.

Besides our existing locations, we are opening club-like offices close to groups of our employees’ residences. All Schweizer clubs are getting the same look and feel, end-to-end digital integration, including COVID-19 safety measures. They are easily accessible by public / shared transport. We have also chosen to implement one standard for all. Overall it’s our pilot hybrid work environment.

Talent sourcing may become more manageable since the pool of available talent could have fewer geographical constraints. Lower CO2 emissions for commuting is given.

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Note: our visual has been produced pre COVID-19